Knowledge base

ONE DATA in General (2)

This folder describes what the user first sees upon navigating to ONE DATA, meaning the available modules. It also provides explanations about general topics presented as questions.

ONE DATA Resources (5)

This section describes ONE DATA resources represented by the different tabs within the Use Cases module (Credentials, Connections, Workflows, etc.), along with some information on related frequent resources (notes and jobs) or tools (processors). This information contains both general and technical details.

User Management (1)

This section contains information on how to manage the user's rights and licenses (domains, groups and roles). Also contains LDAP documentation for internal users.

Helpful Material (2)

The section offers help around one data usage highlighting both complex features (workflow building, dataset handlings) and frequent elements (processors, datatypes). Users can also find articles tackling R and Python script usage in ONE DATA.

Processor Documentation (5)

The section offers detailed documentation to every single processor in ONE DATA.

Data Products (1)

The section contains Data Catalogue documentation mainly divided in two parts -general overview (external) -internal documentation (technical requirements and setup tutorial)

App Builder & App Viewer (7)

The section offers detailed documentation on how to build and use APPs in ONE DATA (App Builder & App Viewer modules). It also contains detailed articles on ONE DATA Markup Language (ODML).

ONE DATA Extended Features (4)

The section offers documentation regarding ONE DATA advanced features (SQL editor and debug mode).

Release Notes and Bugfixes (4)

This category enlists summrisations of the release notes and bugfixes that have been done in all modules associated with ONE DATA.

Documentation Changelog (1)

Here we will inform you about new and updated articles in Freshdesk

ONE DATA Trainings (1)

The section contains ONE DATA training tutorials (e.g. APPs trainings)