Alphanumeric to Numeric ID Processor

Modified on Mon, 02 Nov 2020 at 11:46 AM


The Alphanumeric to Numeric ID Processor converts an alphanumeric ID (an ID that contains numbers and letters) to a numeric one. 


The processor can operate on any valid dataset that contains an alphanumeric ID.


Column to Convert: Select the column that contains the alphanumeric IDs that should be converted to a numeric ID.


The processor has two output nodes.

The first (left) output node returns the original input dataset with an additional column that contains the converted numeric ID.

The second (right) output node returns a table with the mapping of the alphanumeric IDs to the numeric IDs which can be useful for reconverting the IDs later on.

The ordering of the result is random.


The processor might be especially useful when using the ALS Recommender Processor as this processor requires a numeric ID.


In this example, we used a Custom Input Table Processor to create a dataset containing alphanumeric ID's and used the Alphanumeric to Numeric ID Processor to convert these IDs to numeric ones.




In the configuration menu the "ID" column is selected, which contains the alphanumeric id.


Output Result Table "Numeric IDs with data": 

Output Result Table "Numeric IDs":

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