Cassandra Load Processor

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This processor loads a Dataset from a Key-Space of an Apache Cassandra database, the loaded data can be further pre-processed using a custom SQL query.

Cassandra database presentation

Cassandra is an open-source distributed NoSQL database management system(DBMS), that provides high availability and no failure thanks to its interesting architecture.

This BDMS enables users to work with large amount of data, and ONE DATA gives the user the possibility to load data from a specific table inside a predefined Key-Space.


This processor does not need Dataset from a preceding processor (i.e: it does not have any input node)

The Processor interface looks as follows:

WARNING: table and Key-Space must NOT be blank and must NOT contain any white space

The output of this processor is the Data from the table of interest with the defined preprocessing (if provided within the third field)

Advanced Configuration

The "Query" field can be used to process the data of interest.

For example Grouping, Counting, Sorting or filtering and in general it supports SQL queries which gives the user more control over the result data.


After searching for the Dataset in the given Key-Space and applying the specified preprocessing, this processor will generate the Dataset which can be used by other processors

NOTE THAT: This processor works on certain specific instances

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