Result Table Processor

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This processor collects input data, applies some modifications on it (Grouping, Sorting) and returns the result.


This processor needs Dataset as input, this data can come from a loading processor, or can come from any processor which generates a Dataset.

The processor configuration menu looks as follows:

The processor has four optional fields, but these fields can have big impact on the result data as they perform different functionalities (Filtering, Grouping and Sorting).

This processor does not provide an output because it usually acts as the last processor within a workflow.

So the main purpose is to have a look at the generated data and if needed apply some simple transformations on it.

An example would be to see a Workflow result Data from different perspectives:

These transformations can come in handy when generating reports from the Workflow.


A clothing company needs to analyse its sales across different regions in Germany and for different clothes categories, so it would be a good idea to track the profit changes with respect to these parameters:

With the right Result Table configuration, this "categorization" task can be achieved and so the generated report looks like:

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