Assert Processor

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This processor evaluates a Boolean SQL query and creates an error or warning if the query evaluates false.


This processor operates on a single input Dataset containing any type of data.

The configuration menu looks as follow:

NOTE THAT: The query specified in the first field must return a Boolean or a numeric column and if any of the values in this column is false or zero the assertion fails
The result of the Query is either of type Boolean or Numeric, otherwise the processor throws an error


The output of the processor depends on the "Action On Assertion Failure" (second field):

  • Warning: the output node will forward the input Dataset. Within the processor in "Warnings" tab, the specified failure message (third field) and the warning details message (fourth field) will be displayed (in case of failure of the query execution).
  • Error: if the query fails (output is either "False" or a column including at least an entry with value zero) then the Workflow fails as well. When opening the "Errors" tab in the Assert processor an execution error will be displayed with the specified failure message (third field). If the query is successful then the input Dataset will be forwarded by the output node.


In the following example a Custom Input Table will be used to create a Dataset which will be fed into the Assert Processor. The Dataset looks as follows:

The Assert Processor will be used to apply some test on the Sum of all entries in "Col2" :

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