GeoJSON Processor

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This processor is used to convert the input to complete GeoJSON and output it as result.


The processor uses three columns as input:

  • Geo Type: used to define the geographic feature type (Point, LineString, Polygon, MultiPoint, MultiLineString and MultiPolygon).
  • Coordinates: used to define the coordinates of the defined feature.
  • Properties: used to define the properties of the defined feature.
NOTE THAT: all these columns must be of type String


The configuration menu of the processor looks as follows:


The processor generates two kinds of output:

  • geoJsonResult: a JSON object presenting the successfully parsed features (accessible via the Results Tab)
  • GeoMap: a visualization map containing all the parsed features

All the non parsed features are accessible via the "Warnings" tab.


In this example a Custom Input Table will be used to feed Data into a GeoJSON processor:

NOTE THAT: the first entry from the last row was intentionally given as "LineStrin" for to be not parsed

The processor was configured as follows:

After running the Workflow and opening the GeoJSON processor, the output should look like:

The processor was able to parse four entries out of five since the last entry was written in a wrong manner.

To sum-up, there were three points defined in the input table (these points are defined by circles) and a correct defined line (close to "Malaysia"). The other line was not correctly parsed since the feature property was wrong ("LineStrin" instead of "LineString").

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