Mathematical Timestamp Operation Processor

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The Mathematical Timestamp Operation Processor adds or subtracts a user specified time value from one or several selected columns.



The processor requires a input dataset that contains at least one timestamp column. 


The choices for the time interval are: Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Milliseconds, Microseconds, Nanoseconds.
This processor can be useful when the time variable must be very precise, given that fractions of a second cannot be manually set in a datetime input variable.


The processor forwards the input dataset with the altered timestamp column(s).


Example Input

Example Configuration



The selected time column is updated with the new values. The second column is forwarded as it is.

Note that a precision digit is appended to the previous time format. The new format supports fractions of a second (milliseconds, nanoseconds). Also note that adding or subtracting a time interval such as 00:15:30 (15 minutes and 30 seconds) requires two processors. 

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