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Parallel Coordinates


Parallel plot or parallel coordinates plot allows to compare the feature of several individual observations (series) on a set of numeric variables. Each vertical bar represents a variable and often has its own scale. (The units can even be different). Values are then plotted as series of lines connected across each axis.

Parallel Coordinates are ideal for comparing different variables and identifying eventual relations between them.

Steps to Follow

  1. Create a workflow with a Result Table processor or a Filterable Result Table (FRT)
  2. Create a new report for the workflow
  3. In the report add a new container by clicking "Add Report Container" or by double-clicking in the empty canvas.
  4. Select a processor with the data that should be visualized
  5. Switch to edit mode
  6. Open the chart menu and change the type to "Parallel Coordinates"
  7. Set the mandatory fields (Identifier Column and Y axis)

Check the full Demo under Attachements


1. Data Manipulation

    Filter shown data. It's possible to add a filter for each column.

2. Identifier Column

    Allows the user to filter the displayed values on the chart itself. The values of selected identifier column will be shown in the upper left column of the chart in the drop-down menu.

3. Y axis

    Desired columns can be selected, the order of axes corresponds to the selection order.

Supported value types are numeric and string.

4. Axis format

    Format the x-Axis and the y-Axis values (can also be set to invisible)

5. Axis Labels

    Set and format the x-Axis and the y-Axis labels

6. Line Colors

    Change the colors of displayed lines.

7. Format Data

    Used to alter one or multiple columns without changing the corresponding data. Add new Format Groups, select the format and add the target columns.

8. General Chart Container Settings

    Change the background color and and choose whether to display the container title.

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