Time Interval Aggregation Processor

Modified on Tue, 30 Nov 2021 at 02:47 PM


Aggregates a data set by a fixed time interval of a timestamp column and additional columns to group by. The time interval of the timestamp column and the aggregation function to process can be set. 


An input dataset has to contain at least:

  • a column of type Datetime
  • further columns (on which the aggregation function is applied)



The output data contains the aggregated values of the selected columns for a specified aggregation interval.



In the following example, we use a sample of a transaction dataset. The given workflow calculates the sum of all transactions in a given time interval.


Example Input

Example Configuration


The interval representation in the result table contains the starting instant. according to both the input and the output datasets, the week containing the date 2020-03-01 starts on Monday 2020-02-24.

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