Distinct Textual Format Extractor

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This processor creates summaries for every column in the input Dataset. Statistics include diverse patterns within a column along with the occurrence of each pattern, total number of formats and some example for each pattern.


This processor works with any given input dataset, and it can be configured as follows:


The processor generates a table containing the following five columns:

  • Column_Name: displays the column names form the input dataset
  • Nr_Distinct_Values: number of occurrences of a specific pattern from a defined column
  • Pattern: textual patterns within a defined column
  • Total_Formats: number of different textual formats of a column
  • Example: contains a value example for each of the patterns
NOTE THAT: the number of patterns to display will be determined by the first configuration field


In the following example the Distinct Textual Format Extractor processor will be used to extract textual description of a dataset inserted using a Custom Input Table.

For this example, we keep the default configuration.

Example Input



The first column from the input dataset contains only uppercase alphabetical characters. As a result, there is only one textual format and one pattern 'L' with six occurrences.

The second column includes integers with two formats: 'n' meaning one digit and 'nn' meaning two digits. This column contains five signle digit numbers and only one double digit number (i.e: 55).

The third column is similar to the second one, except that it contains two double digit numbers and four single digit numbers.

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