Version Client 1.31.0 // Server 1.27.0

Modified on Thu, 30 Jul 2020 at 09:58 AM

Client Version 1.31.0    Server Version 1.27.0

Release Date: 25.03.2020

Changed Behaviour

SyncSet behaviour has been changed:

  • Elements that had user-defined filters set on a column did thusfar not apply synced filters to this column. This constraint was lifted. If you don't want filters to be applied to the element, make sure to set "applyFilters" to false for the relevant sync set in the element config

  • A flag has been introduced to toggle the implicit filtering behavior of sync sets: The implicit filtering works by calculating the distinct values for the columns in the syncset config, even if the filter is on another column. With the "onlyDirectlyPropagatedFilters"  set to true, elements won't apply those implicit filters but only from columns mentioned in the syncset config. This can help cover use cases where multiple elements affect each other and the existing behavior "over-filters" the datasets. This flag default to false, so unless you set it, the behavior will stay the same for your app.


  • Raw-Data transformations. You can now apply almost all transformations (except SQL) to raw data sources as you can for FRTs and DataTables. This should be handy for prototyping.
  • List users in group (See GIF below): To check who is in a group you give app permissions to, you can now list the users in this group.


  • Make new rows editable, even if editing rows is disabled in the editConfig
  • Fix validation of table cells to allow negative integers

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