Production Lines

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Production Lines in ONE DATA are used to trigger a sequence of

Workflows. Executing a Production Line leads to the ordered execution of all Workflows in the Production Line. This execution can be modified by the use of Workflow and Production Line

VariablesFurthermore, Production Lines can also be used to execute other Production Lines in addition to Workflows.

Creating a Production Line

A new Production Line can be created by selecting "Create New Production Line" on the side panel in the Project Overview, or by navigating to the "Production Lines" tab and selecting "Create New" on the side panel there. After editing the Production Line Meta Information in the window that pops up, the Production Line Information will be visible. 


Production Line Information

Creating a new Production Line or accessing an existing Production Line through the "Production Lines" tab will open the Production Line Information.

The Production Line Information presents general information about the Production Line (e.g. creator, creation date, versions) as well as multiple tabs with different functions that will be explained in detail in the next sections.



The sequence list contains Workflows and Production Lines that will be triggered in the specified order.


This tab offers the following functionalities:

  1. Select a Production Line version. Existing versions cannot be modified. Editing the Production Line sequence and saving will create a new version.
  2. Run the selected version of the Production Line.
  3. Symbol indicating whether the resource in the sequence list is a Workflow or Production Line. Clicking the symbol will open the resource in a new tab.
  4. Select a resource to be executed by the Production Line. Displays the name of the resource after selection. Might display a warning if the selected resource would lead to an infinite loop.
  5. Select a version for the resource that will be executed.
  6. Toggle the "ignore fail" option. When activated, failure in the execution of the selected resource will not stop the execution of the Production Line Sequence and the next resource in the sequence will be executed instead.
  7. Quickly toggle the "ignore fail" option on or off for all resources in the sequence at once.
  8. Remove the selected resource from the sequence or move it to the top or bottom of the list.
  9. Drag the selected resource to change the order of the sequence.
  10. Add a new Workflow or Production Line to the sequence.

Note that small screen users may have issues with scrolling if the sequence list is not visible. To fix this issue, zoom out till at least one sequence item is visible. Scrolling should then be possible.

Production Line Variables

Inside the Production Line Variables tab, a set of Production Line-specific variables can be defined. These can then be set to be used by the resources in the sequence of this Production Line through the

Variables tab.


  1. Shortcut to available system variables.
  2. Delete selected variables.
  3. Enter a name for the variable.
  4. Set the value of the variable. For Data Table variables, it is also possible to open Data Tables in a new tab.
  5. Drag the selected variable to change the order of the list.
  6. Add a new variable. Each data type has its own button. From left to right the data types are:

  - String

  - Boolean

  - Integer

  - Double

  - Datetime

  - Data Table


The Variables tab includes all variables that belong to the resources included in the Production Line sequence, i.e. Workflow variables and Production Line variables. Here, the user can assign which variables will be used by the resources in the sequence during the execution of this Production Line. The variables are grouped by resource.


  1. The header of each variable group shows the type, name, and version of the resource the group belongs to. Clicking on the type icon will open the resource in a new tab. Clicking on the header anywhere right to this icon will collapse or expand the group.
  2. The variable type, name, and technical name.
  3. Select a variable assignment. It is possible to use a fixed value, use the default assignment defined inside the Workflow, or assign a
  4. Production Line variable.
  5. Displays the value currently assigned to the variable. If "Use Fixed Value" is selected, the fixed value can be set here.


Production Line Jobs are similar to Workflow Jobs.

They contain information about all Production Line executions. Each time a Production Line is triggered, a new Job is added to the Job list displayed on the right side of the Production Line Information.



1. Status of the job. There are three possible states:

    > Green: Job finished

    > Red: Job failed

    > Yellow: Job running

2. Job name (editable), Production Line version, execution time, and execution date.

3. Jobs can be canceled while they are still running.

4. Detailed information about the Job.

If the execution of a number of resources in the sequence fails and these resources have the "ignore fail" setting activated, a warning icon will appear next to the Job.


The failed/successfully executed sequence items can then be viewed in the Job details.



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