Release 3.5.0 (39) - Data Table polishing (46.23.0 // 1.165.0)

Modified on Thu, 30 Jul 2020 at 09:58 AM

What is new:

  • Extended Filterable Result Table processor
    • Query information about datasets with GraphQL
    • Final polishment of Data Table feature
  • New notifications to track changes after moving/removing/deleting resources
  • Create Datasets from filesystem connection
  • Improvements
    • Additional error icon when subconfiguration is invalid
    • Added processor name tooltip of processor after renaming
    • Minor optical adaptions in model creation
    • Remove of notification bell and notifications
    • Changed style of selected connection
  • 37 Bug Fixes


In the following all features are listed which are (partly) included in the release. If no other open parts (stories) are left, the feature is finished and otherwise it is clarified as ongoing.

Finished Features

Extend FRT processor with a subset of Dataset Save functionalities
  • Have one load and save processor that can do all
  • Better functionality
  • Clear processor descriptions and information
  • Visualization of input data in the processor
  • Moving from FRT and Datasets towards Datatables (one term for data)
Finished parts in the release

Query information about datasets via GraphQL

Use GraphQL to query information about datasets and FRTs and for retrieving only required information in

  • dataset list (currently not used)
  • dataset detail view
  • processor configs (data select) (currently not used)
Follow ups for Datatable Save and ConnectionsPolish the data table feature and fixing open issues
Incorporate Feedback regarding Data TablesIncorporate the feedback given by the product team
Incorporate data tables Feedback from data scientistsIncorporate the feedback given by the data scientists

Move resources from one project to another (= Share to other, unshare from current)

User should be able to move resource from one project to another. This means the selected generic resources (e.g. workflows) will be shared to the target project and unshared in the current project.

Finished parts in the release

Add proper notification after moving/removing/deleting resources

After using the sharing/moving feature the user gets notification to track the changes which were made

Ongoing Features

Read .csv from HDFS

Connection can read .csv-files from HDFS a local filesystem.

It is possible to create a dataset from a connection. The dataset can be used properly in a Dataset Load Processor.

Finished parts in the release

Create Dataset From Filesystem Connection

Create a new dataset from a file of a filesystem connection.
Currently, only CSV files are supported.
When creating the dataset, the user has to specify the type of the file
and the necessary metadata for that file type (e.g., delimiter token for CSV files).


Error icon does not occur when we have ProcessorValidationError with defined configReference property

In processors with multiple "sub-"configuration elements the error symbol appears at the section which cases the error and not in the top. This allows the user to track the issue in the configuration a lot easier.

Show type of processor even when it is renamed

In the workflow editor the tool-tip of a processor gives now the user the information about processor type. So even if it was renamed the user knows about the type of the processor.

When specifying the model name in model upload the field is named "model file"

The input field is now correctly named with "model name" instead of "model file".

Remove notification bell and notifications

The bell and notifications were removed like they are now as they are bringing more confusion than help.

The selected connection type style should be changed

The style for selected connection type was changed to improve the visibility of the selection for the user. In addition, the stroke line for unselected connection types was changed to 2 pixel.

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