Release 3.4.0 (38) - Data Table processors (46.22.0 // 1.164.0)

Modified on Thu, 30 Jul 2020 at 09:58 AM

What is new:

  • Debug-Mode
    • Additional information through the debug-mode
    • Polishing the functionality
  • Python models
    • Models can be uploaded now
    • Own detail page for python models
  • Datasets and Filterable Result Tables (FRT) are now summarized into one term: Data Tables
    • New load and save processor for data tables
  • Generic resources can now be moved between projects
  • 37 Bug Fixes (Link to article)


In the following all features are listed which are (partly) included in the release. If no other open parts (stories) are left,

the feature is finished and otherwise it is clarified as ongoing.

Finished Features

Integration and Utilization of Debug Results into Workflow UI

Integrate the results out of the execution of the debug mode into the workflow UI,

to make it usable on all parts of the workflow editor.

Finished parts in the release

Samples and Row counts in dedicated result

We want to show row counts and a snipped of the rows generated when the respective information is present for a given processor.

Upload Python models to model section with new versioning function

Supporting uploading Python models and versioning for all supported models.

Finished parts in the release

Documentation of Python commands

Document Python commands in OD GUI" somewhere, maybe at least at the "i" in text form.

Supporting python model detail page

Supporting to enter the model detail page also for models generated from python script processors.

Upload Python models with versioning for all supported modelsSupporting uploading Python models with versioning for all supported models.

    Ongoing Features

Extend FRT processor with a subset of Dataset Save functionalities
  • Have one load and save processor that can do all
  • Better functionality
  • Clear processor descriptions and information
  • Visualization of input data in the processor
  • Moving from FRT and Datasets towards Datatables (one term for data)
Finished parts in the release

Datatable Processors and external connections for FRT datasets

  • Adds Data Table Save processor
  • Adds basic support for creating FRT Datatsets (Data Tables) from database connections
    • Filtering (Data Requests)
      • Done via spark (except for POSTGRESQL)
    • Basic server side support for AIT
    • Does not support: HANA
  • Supports external database based FRT Datatsets (Data Tables) inside Flexible ETL load

Move resources from one project to another (= Share to other, unshare from current)

User should be able to move resource from one project to another. This means the selected generic resources (e.g. workflows) will be shared to the target project and unshared in the current project.

Finished parts in the release

Move resources from one project to another

Enables the moving of resources within a new dialog.

Add remove functionality to every resource type
The moving functionality will be enabled in each resource overview.

Deal with technical debts and workarounds in Debug-Mode
Code rework and polishing of the debug-mode functionality by using the feedback.
Finished parts in the release[Server] Coverage for Debug Mode Feature

Clean up of the code and make the coverage with tests complete.

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