Release 3.11.0 (45) - Supporting full SPARK TIMESTAMPS (46.29.0 // 1.171.0)

Modified on Thu, 30 Jul 2020 at 09:58 AM


In the following all features are listed which are (partly) included in the release. If no other open parts (stories) are left, the feature is finished and otherwise it is clarified as ongoing.

Finished Features

Handling of problematic characters

Some special characters in file names and file paths don't work like: '[', ']', '*', (':').

An infotext for the user was added, that states which characters are not supported.

Finished parts in the releaseInfo for handling problematic characters in file path/names

It is not supported to read files, where the filename consists of problematic characters,

The four characters that are not supported are the following: [ : ] *

Following changes ware made:

  1. Display message to the user regarding the same, Edit FS connection and create FS connection page we add the following message to info button text beside directory input field in a new line'
     "The directory name cannot contain any of the following characters: * : [ ]"
  2. In FS connection file list, the create data table icon (plus) is disabled and disabled-tooltip with text
     "The directory name cannot contain any of the following characters: * : [ ]"

Supporting full SPARK TIMESTAMPS inside Workflow variable with Overwriting Modifiers

It should be possible to also select a time beside the date for a timestamp variable. Additionally, newly created variables should be in a SPARK_TIMESTAMP format, because this is the most likely usage type right now.

Finished parts in the release[Server] The default format of newly created timestamp variables will be SPARK_TIMESTAMP
[Client] Supporting full Timestamps

Ongoing Feature

Always show full log output in script processors
Make working/developing/debugging with scripting-processors within OD productive and enjoyable. Provide full outputs for logs (stdout and stderr).
Finished parts in the release
Always return full python log output
Enable print-debugging by always showing stdout even if script exits with status 1 and an error in the python processor

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