Release 3.17.0 (51) - Clean-up for Hive (46.35.0 // 1.177.0)

Modified on Thu, 30 Jul 2020 at 09:59 AM

What's new

  • It is now possible to use HANA type connections in the SQL editor feature
  • We enabled the possibility to tag "isolation-groups" in a workflow meta-information
    • The workflow will only start once all workflows of its "isolation-groups" allow it. Until then, it is waiting.
    • With this. there are no problems anymore regarding race conditions and following that, it protects even for data corruption


  • The debug-mode feature has been improved by fixing some bugs and solving open topics which were postponed during the development
    1. Python processors don't block the debug in terms of type inference problems
    2. Visualization improvements:
      • The color of the icons will now change from black to white if the background is too dark
      • There is now a warning icon to avoid confusion with the yellow check icon which is shown when the workflow is touched
      • The debug icon cannot be used in newly created workflows to avoid issues by mistaking it as the save icon
      • The check mark icon will not be shown if the processor only includes debugger results
      • If "fast debug mode" was used the input ports don't show the debug icon
      • If there is no row available we show a tool-tip with "0 rows"
      • Ports also show a debug icon + information even if it has no connection to another processor
  • While creating a database connection, the "database name" field is now optional instead of mandatory 

Bug Fixes

File System Connection

  • Performance issues by loading zip files were reduced 


  • The problem that if a report has multiple (visualization) containers not all of them are always loaded, was fixed


  • In queries, long is now used instead of integer for values of the representation type "int"

Database Connection

  • Connections with invalid details cannot be saved anymore and instead a warning is shown
  • The search in Cassandra connections now shows only the fitting results instead of everything
  • Sorting columns in the details page of data tables from Hive Connections is now possible

Data Upload

  • The upload button is deactivated until the client is ready for the upload. This avoids problems if the file is bigger (e.g. 3 GB)

Overall 21 bugs were fixed.


In the following all features are listed which are (partly) included in the release. If no other open parts (stories) are left, the feature is finished and otherwise it is clarified as ongoing.

Finished Features

Finalize UI for Debug-Mode
GoalInside a SQL editor in Apps, users want to have basic SQL editor functionality, e.g. by executing a selected/marked line of code.
Finished parts in the releaseBug Collection
Through the feedback we were able to improve the feature by fixing open bugs.
The open points on our side which were postponed were fixed now. 

Ongoing Feature

Create wonder mapping module and interface 
Develop a wonder mapping box that is able to automatically join SAP tables
Finished parts in the releaseEnable HANA connection with SQL editor
Create the possibility to use HANA type connections within the SQL editor.  


Individual tag-based Isolation-Groups for Workflows
  • Tag-based Isolation-Groups for Workflows
  • A Workflow can have multiple Isolation-Groups
  • A Workflow will only start execution once all of its Isolation-Groups allow it. Until then, it is waiting.
  • Execution of subsequent Jobs is done in the order of their arrival.
  • All Workflow execution contexts (scheduled, via Microservice call, via PL execution...) are treated the same.

Finished parts in the releaseBasic sync group support via Tag

Implement basic isolation group support via Tag.

  • Normal workflow execution via endpoint
  • Execution via production line
  • Execution via scheduler
  • Workflows which are still inside a "waiting" state can be cancelled

Local-cluster mode cannot resolve ProcessorWarningAccumulator
Enables the local testing with cluster environments for developers and testers. 

Make Database Name for HANA DB Connection optional 
Make the mandatory field "Database Name" optional (Blank should be possible, but not null) for the new connection DB Type (HANA), when creating. 

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