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Projects in ONE DATA can be accessed when selecting Use Cases, either from the ONE DATA portal or navigating back (see pictures below). It can also be accessed from the sidebar navigation menu by clicking "USE CASES OVERVIEW". The view contains a list with all projects available to the current user.

Use Cases View

Aside from giving a short description of the available Use Cases, the view contains a list of available Projects with both Domain related and Project related actions as shown in the figure below.

  1. The user selects a Domain to navigate to.
  2. The user can add a new Project to the current Domain.
  3. Create a new Data Table assigned to the selected Project
  4. Create a new Workflow assigned to the selected Project
  5. Create a new Report assigned to the selected Project  

The project related action buttons (3, 4, 5) are disabled if the user has no right to create the corresponding resource.


Project Overview

The Project Overview holds general information about the corresponding Project, along with a number of shortcuts.

  1. A navigation bar to access the different Project components (resources).
  2. A number of actions that involve addition or removing the user can perform.
  3. General information about the project (Corresponding Domain, creation date, modification date).
  4. Shortcuts to the recent used resources.
  5. Project owner and member count.
  6. A list of Groups that can access the Project and their roles.
  7. Overview and shortcuts to access the main ONE DATA resources.

Project Settings

The Domain Admin is able to manage the Access Rights to certain Projects within settings. Access Rights are common between all Group members. Therefore, it is not possible to manage the rights of a single user.

  1. Navigate to Project settings
  2. Add a new Project to the selected Domain
  3. Select a Domain to display available Projects
  4. Search for a Project by name
  5. Delete Project
  6. Edit Project meta information
  7. Navigate to Project overview
  8. Change Project access. This will open a window where the user can select a Group along with the corresponding role in the selected Project

  1. Manage viewer Groups and Project landing pages. This will open a window where the user can select a viewer Group along with the corresponding Viewer Role in the selected Project.

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