Version Client 1.71.0 // Server 1.55.0

Modified on Mon, 02 Nov 2020 at 09:44 AM

Client Version 1.71.0    Server Version 1.55.0

Release Date: 29.10.2020

Compatible with: OD 46.44.0 Portal 1.4.0 OAuth 1.0

App Builder Docs Version: 2.5.7


  • Sync Set performance improvement for same data source filter event collections.
  • Skip totals calculation for distinct value calls.


  • Data Edit via Microservice fails on Datetime values.
  • Show toast message on exceeding distinct value limits.
  • Inconsistent disabled-state-behavior between inputs and selections in table.
  • SyncSets are not correctly applied when config is pasted.
  • SyncSet apply is skipped if no filters are set at all.
  • Superadmin is logged in on user access checks.
  • SSF datasource constraint is too strict.
  • Adapt SSF validation to new restrictions.
  • Reset all Filter Button resets filterValue but not shown Value.
  • Performance: Browser crashes when filtering GraphVisualizerCC.

Performance notes concerning this release

There are several improvements concerning App performance coming with this release. But here are some notes on what is necessary to get the most out of those optimizations.
  • Use the current ONE DATA Release.
  • Use indices on PostgreSQL tables (contact your Admin) if you have a lot of read-operations.
  • If you are using server-side filtering, please set the indices described in the warnings shown in the App Builder.
  • Apart from that consider creating composite indices on the columns for which distinct values are computed and the columns that are filtering the data. When e.g. distinct values are requested for column a on data filtered by columns b, c, then an index on (a, b, c) should be created.
  • If your data is stored in an external PostgreSQL database, consider running  VACUUM ANALYZE after the indices were created and after large write operations on the table. This lets the database system recalculate statistics that can be used for improved query optimization.
  • Please note that indices may be gone if the data table is replaced with the Data Table Save processor.

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