How to Let the Documentation Team Know About Article Ideas

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This is a guide on how ONE LOGIC employees can let us know about their ideas. It contains links to websites not reachable outside of our company network.



There are many parts of ONE DATA that require documentation: Processors, their configurations, Credentials, APP, important changes to these topics or even high-level topics that span multiple components. If you can't seem to find an article related to a specific subject or problem, feel free to ask in the documentation-operation Slack channel, whether a specific article already exists.

Should the needed documentation not exist, you probably were directed to this article to help us create a new article or alter existing ones.

We Need Your Help

Previously, the documentation team handled everything concerning Freshdesk articles on their own. This included gathering of information, finding suitable people to ask for support and working with the components to be documented by means of trial and error. Finding information sources often takes more time than actually writing the article.

Also, we're not aware what dependencies the feature relies on, or what prerequisites needs to be configured for it to work. Therefore such information really helps us to document a feature properly, make it visually appealing, and bring it into context of our knowledge base.

What the Documentation Team can doWhat the Documentation Team cannot do
  • Make an article "shiny"
  • Put the article into context of the knowledge base (link to other articles, etc.)
  • Review articles
  • Treat small textual wholes
  • Help with dynamic changes
  • Know the feature by themselves
  • Know the pain points
  • Know the technical dependencies
  • Build (meaningful) examples
  • Know about updates and changes


How to Provide Us With Information

The easiest way to provide us with the information needed, is through a Confluence article. It should answer the following points:

  • Is it a new feature or a change to an existing feature? (What feature type is it?)
  • A general description of the feature.
  • What is the use/What are the advantages of the feature?
  • Where can the feature be found in ONE DATA?
  • How do we use the feature? Are there any prerequisites? (Maybe add a step-by-step guide.)
  • Does the feature have restrictions or possible pain points? (For example, errors if configuration is set up in a specific way.)
  • Are there (re-) usable examples? Can we use those for screenshots?
  • Who can we contact in case of questions? 

For additional help, here are some example articles we received using this process:

A Confluence article is not strictly necessary, should only small changes be necessary, e.g. updating of images, adding of a few sentences. The Documentation Request as shown in the next section, should still be done.

After the Confluence Article Is Written

After creating the Confluence article, you can let us know about it using the Documentation Request of the Service Desk shown in the image. A ticket will then be automatically created for our board. We'll take over from there and create an article in Freshdesk using your provided information. You can keep track of the ticket progress in our Kanban team board.

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