Release 3.39.0 (73) - Improvement Bundle Collection (47.5.0 // 1.199.0)

Modified on Fri, 02 Jul 2021 at 12:00 PM

Server Version: 47.5.0 Client Version: 1.199.0

Release Date: 01.06.2021

Compatible ONE DATA components versions are listed at the bottom of this article.


The ONE DATA release 3.39.0 contains a raise of the JVM and Tomcat version, new edit functionality for Data Table Home Project, increased transparency on data access and parts of the ongoing feature of Data Product Transfer and Standalone and extensible authentication service. 



Vulnerability elimination - Raise of JVM and Tomcat version

  • Resolves vulnerabilities in ONE DATA server image 

Home Project for Data Tables - Edit functionality for Data Table Home Project

  • Definition of a distinct home project 

Data access logging - All accesses to the data by means of a ONE DATA account are stored

  • All accesses to the data by means of a ONE DATA account (ID of the data set and user ID) are stored in the log
  • No storage of direct accesses to HDFS
  • The logs are not available after a restart of the instance
  • The log files are provided in a way that ONE DATA can consume them again


Standalone and extensible authentication service - Remove of technical debt and incorporate relevant feedback

  • Remove of technical debt
  • Incorporate relevant feedback
  • Deployable to other instances

Data Product Transfer - Export project: set container id in the error response

Improvement Bundles


  • Repair variable usage in Processors and visualization - Optimize Processor selection dialog, replace variables and columns in query Processors and adapt the color of the variables in query Processors


  • Data Type conversion cannot handle NULL values
  • [Scheduler] Deleting a rule does not add unsaved changes flag

Overall 7 bug fixes

Compatible Versions

The following versions are recommended to be used for this release. 

ONE DATA Components

ONE DATA Release

  • od-server: 47.5.0
  • od-client: 1.199.0

Apps Release:

  • apps: 1.65.1
  • apps-client: 1.91.0
  • apps-docs: 2.18.6

portal-client: 1.11.0

portal: 1.8.0

plsql-lsp-server: 2.5.0

export-import: 2.0.0

faas-server: 4.0.0

faasd: 0.9.10

registry: 2.7.1-r22

virtual-datatable: 2.2.0

spark-settings: 2.0.0

auth-server: 1.1.3

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