Release 3.40.0 (74) - Dependency Fixes (48.0.0 // 1.200.0)

Modified on Fri, 02 Jul 2021 at 12:00 PM

Server Version: 48.0.0 Client Version: 1.200.0

Release Date: 30.06.2021

Compatible ONE DATA components versions are listed at the bottom of this article.


The ONE DATA release 3.40.0 contains dependency fixes, import functionality for Data Products, upload of an environment for Python Execution context and several improvements in Production Lines and credential usage in python processors.  



Dependency Fixes

Dependy fixes for June release of od server & Dependency fixes for June release of od server - optional part
Delivered customer value:Resolved vulnerabilities in ONE DATA server image
Parts in the release:
  • Remove impala jdbc driver from OD image

Workflow Update functionality within Transfer Module

Import a Data Product
Delivered customer value:
  • Import an entire Data Product
  • Have the ID mapping between resources and Apps done in the Microservice

Parts in the release:

  • Extend ImportResult with ID mapping informations

Create Microservice for DPT and run existing import/export with it
Delivered customer value:
  • Have the new microservice setup ready
  • Run import/export with the new microservice and have the architecture tested
Parts in the release:
  • Response of /projects/import & /projects/import/upload differs depending on config property

Home Project for Data Table

Home Project for Data Tables (to make sur VDTs are executedd in the correct SEC)
Delivered customer value:Definition of a distinct home project
Parts in the release:
  • Handle long project name in dropdown

Environments for Python Execution Context

Upload user environment via API
Delivered customer value:The user is able to upload environments without docker tools, since some customer machines cannot provide docker tools
Parts in the release:
  • Upload an Environment over the UI


Workflow Update functionality within Transfer Module

Workflow Update within DPT
Delivered customer value:Update of workflows within the Data Product Transfer
Parts in the release:
  • Endpoints for workflow import/update

Improvement Bundles


Production Line and Data Table fixes

PL and DT fixes
Delivered customer value:Small Production Line improvements
Parts in the release:
  • Data Tables cannot be loaded in Load/Save Processor preview when referenced by name
  • Saving Production Line failed when setting variables
  • Horiztontal scrollbar goes back to the left after applying filter on Data Table

Make use of credentials in python scripts easy and secure

Mke use of credentials in python scripts easy and secure
Delivered customer value:As a Data Product developer, I want to be able to use my credentials in functions and Python processors, in order to prevent adding important username and password and other information as plain text (visibile to everyone)
Parts in the release:
  • Enable usage of credentials via API


  • Updating postgre data in apps fails beause of a non-null-constraint
  • Loading Times for Production Line detail UI way too high
  • DTs cannot be loaded in Load/Save Processor preview when referenced by name
  • Saving production-line failed when setting variables

Overall 8 bug fixes

Compatible Versions

The following versions are recommended to be used for this release. 

ONE DATA Components

ONE DATA versions:

  • OD Classic
    • Server: 48.0.0
    • Client: 1.200.0
  • Apps
    • Server: 1.66.0
    • Client: 1.92.0
    • Docu: 2.18.8
    • Styleguide: 0.60.7 
  • FaaS Stack
    • Server: 5.1.0
    • faasd: 0.9.10
    • registry: 2.7.1-r23
    • faas-netes: 0.12.15-r6
  • Project Import - Export
    • Client: 4.0.0
    • Server: 1.1.0
  • PyData
    • 1.5.2

Configuration changes

New config property:

Property NameDefaultMeaning
Token for accessing endpoints which are only supposed to be consumed by other microservices.

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