Release 3.41.0 (75) - Improvements Bundle Collection (48.1.0 // 1.201.0)

Modified on Thu, 05 Aug 2021 at 04:21 PM

Server Version: 48.1.0 Client Version: 1.201.0

Release Date: 02.08.2021

Compatible ONE DATA components versions are listed at the bottom of this article.


The ONE DATA release 3.41.0 contains new functionalities and optimizations in the Data Product Transfer and Update, new functions for Python execution context environments, several bug fixes, UI adaptions and user management improvements. 



Export a Data Product

Project deletion notification

Delivered customer value:The Data Product Export includes assigned Apps and the services sends notifications for specific actions. 
Parts in the release:
  • Project deletion notification 

Data Product Update

Production Line Update

Delivered customer value:The Data Product update functionality includes Production Lines and the usability of the JSON config is improved 

Parts in the release:

  • Endpoints for Production Line Update
  • Fix permission check for workflow update
  • Proper endpoint for workflow exists check

Workflow Update - Feedbacks from Data Scientists

Delivered customer value:The JSON config is more usable by including autocompletion and syntax verification.
Parts in the release:
  • Rework error handling inside /v1/workflows/transfer/origin-get-or-create 

Environment for Python Execution Context

Delete environments via UI
Delivered customer value:Data Product developers are able to delete unused environments in order to avoid disk shortage and to avoid the use of obsolete environments. 
Parts in the release:
  • Introduce Environments Deletion to optimize disk space use 

Improvement Bundles


Bug Bundle: Client Bugs

Bug Bundle: Client Bugs 
Delivered customer value:The ONE DATA Classic client is enhanced by small bug fixes and improvements. 
Parts in the release:Production Line and Scheduler
  • Messages in scheduler and production line
  • Metainfo alignement in scheduler
  • Functionality of run button in production line overview


  • Variable order in variable manager
  • Variable coloring in processors
  • Placement of variables in SQL config component

General project settings and workflow editor

  • Project settings behaviour
  • Visualization of debug results
  • Listing workflow jobs after job renaming
  • Optimize result visualization

Data Tables and Virtual Data Tables

  • VDT documentation link
  • VDT tab visualization for Data Tables
  • Tooltip improvements on resource overview lists

Improvement Bundle: Resolve bugs in OD user management

IB: Resolve bugs in OD user management 
Delivered customer value:The ONE DATA user management is more consistent and reliable as this is the first what user encounters in ONE DATA. 
Parts in the release:
  • Adaptions of activation mail
  • Improve handling of unactivated and reactivated user
  • Optimize user groups dialogs
  • Overall alignment of access management

Improvement Bundle: Transfer second bunch from icons from SVG to new icon font

IB: Transfer second bunch from icons from SVG to new icon font  
Delivered customer value:A more consistent look and behaviour in ONE DATA by transfering the icon SVGs to the new icon font. 
Parts in the release:
  • Replacement of SVGs with font icons
  • Follow up tasks from previous Improvement Bundle
  • Documentation of transition from SVG to icon font


  • Scheduler starts randomly or does not start at all
  • Reactivate deleted user is not activated with activation link in email
  • A user's access to ONE DATA modules is not taken into account when resetting password from App viewer
  • Display DT full name on hover in DT list
  • Client-side TI for RNG configs is wrong

Overall 21 bug fixes

Compatible Versions

The following versions are recommended to be used for this release. 

ONE DATA Components

ONE DATA versions:

  • OD Classic
    • Server: 48.1.0
    • Client: 1.201.0
  • Apps
    • Server: 1.67.3
    • Client: 1.96.0
    • Docu: 2.19.2
    • Styleguide: 0.63.0 
  • FaaS Stack
    • Server: 5.2.0
    • faasd: 0.9.10
    • registry: 2.7.1-r23
    • faas-netes: 0.12.15-r6
  • Export Import Client: 4.1.1
  • PyData: 1.5.2
  • plsql-lsp-Server: 2.6.0
  • virtualDatatable: 2.3.0

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