Data Product Transfer Backend Version 1.2.0

Modified on Thu, 05 Aug 2021 at 05:05 PM


Released: 26.07.2021


  • ONE DATA Backend = 48.1.x


  • Dependency updates
  • User receives error for trailing tokens in otherwise legal update instructions.


  • Reworked the error handling in the communication with other ONE DATA microservices in order to achieve a less error-prone code structure. Includes a few other minor improvements such as higher UUID-standard compliance in the data product import and data product update code.


  • Allow multiple actions to avoid repeating the condition in transformation section. There are two fields for configuring an action - "action" and "actions", which are mutually exclusive. Single action can be placed in the "action" field, and the "actions" field should be used to describe an array of actions.
  • Adds 'latestVersion' as a new filter type. Latest Version is a filter that can identify the latest one of multiple versions of the same versioned resource (same type and ID). An example of versioned resources are Workflows.
  • Improves checking if a Workflow exists using new endpoints on onedata-backend.
  • Checks if the project to be updated actually exists.
  • Improvement of error messages during the update process.
  • Replace the project ID inside the Workflow JSON during update.
  • Adds a bulk replacement action to the update instructions. It works almost like the old replace action but allows to specify an arbitrary number of pairs of search string and replacement. It can be specified whether the search strings are to be interpreted as regular expressions or not.
  • Endpoint to retrieve the schema for the update instructions.
  • New JSON path delete action added.

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