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All the examples expect that there is already a OneDataApi object initialized and assigned to a variable called "onedata_api".

### Creation of the ONE DATA Api ###
onedata_api = OneDataApi(base_url=base_url, username=user,
password=pw, verify=False, timeout=999)



Lists all datatables matching the specified search parameters (page, limit, sort_by, ordering, projects, project_types, search, include_unassigned_resources, include_invisible, exclude_unnamed, exlcude_no_datatable).

Optional request options (request_transformers, response_transformers, timeout, verify, sleep_after_response_millis, deserializer) can be specified.

Returns: Paginated


pageintfalseNoneResult page
limitintfalseNoneItems per page
sort_byResourceSortPropertyfalseNoneSort property
orderingSortOrderfalseNoneOrder direction
projects[Union[str, uuid.UUID]]falseNoneList of project IDs
project_types[OneDataModule]falseNoneList of OneDataModules (enum)
searchstrfalseNoneString to search for desired datatables. Search is case insensitive. Name and tags are considered.
include_unassigned_resourcesboolfalseNoneDecides if unassigned data will be selected
include_invisibleboolfalseNoneDecides if invisible datasets will be returned
exclude_unnamedboolfalseNoneIf this flag is set only datasets with a name are returned, i.e. FRTs with a non-explicitly set name are excluded
exclude_no_datatableboolfalseNoneExcludes legacy datasets which are not a Data Table


### Get list of datatables with parameters ###
datatables = onedata_api.datatables.paginated(age=0, limit=5, sort_by=ResourceSortProperty.NAME, ordering=SortOrder.ASC, search="Test")

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